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Welcome to Ramsa Palm Industries shortly RPI

Initially our organization active in palm oil trading both domestic and global

Through the trade journey and having meaningful experiences with all segments of the buyers we basically understanding that most buyers would rather to get the products from a sustain palm plantation who are not destroying its environmental such as burning the land in order to expand the plantation,taking care and fair price for small farm holders and the keep carbon foot print efficiently



RPI is private independent company , having head office in Jakarta with main storage –mills and distributing centre close to the port both western and eastern part of Indonesia plantation province areas

RPI involvement mainly in small farmer holder and accessing theirs products For both domestic and global market place

We are using most operating and cost effective mills-tank farm and storage including monetizing of palm by products such as Palm kernel shell or cangkang and fiber This end products having high demand to runs renewable power plant and utilities in japan ,It is clean burning and small foot print of carbon In order to maximize our potential the 2 /two experts from japan assisting us both technically, ,compliance regulation and market analysis

From logistic stand point our export facilities is located by the seaport in order to minimize the cost

RPI since the inception is keeping sustaianable chain from plantation to end product s and keep customers satisfied.


What we trade are all RSPO base Products delivered to Satisfy the Customer Globaly


Most the traditional small holders farmer are has long history since the beginning of palm cultivation in the 60s,where the products only use for local needs and the excess to sell for own living cost . They don’t burning rain forest until the largest corporation came and acquired for plantation expanding

The small holder farmer do not have capabilities to do so farmers doing plantation within good nature harmony and with concept it is what it is ,they growing and maintaining with health and good productivity plantation system even no wastes dumping into the rivers

RPI came into this areas to assist accessing and expanding into the modern market place while keeping well its environmental The by products of palm industries mainly palm kernel shell or cangkang and fiber are one of the burning sources and it is still having valuable chain to export for renewable utilities both domestic and global demands

The best result of our business activities are indirectly helping the government Of Indonesia and the United nation program Reducing GHG,Zero waste agro industrial ,no effluent dumping or any polluting of the soil and rivers And most importantly rising farmers income means reducing poverty


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Kuningan Timur/Mega Kuningan area
Jakarta Selatan 12950
Phone : +62-21-29023967, 29023966
Patra Office Tower floor 1,
Jl. Gatot Subroto 32
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone : 62-21-52900692
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Batu Bintang Purnama Dumai Seaport

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